I love Friday!! I bet you do!!

What's the best part after finish work on a Thursday night...you know you're damn happy because the next day, it's Friday!!

The best part of the week probably....so the question is why everyone loves Friday? (Freaky Friday...)
In fact, most of us love Friday that we come out with a tagline of our own...we have pop songs that says "Friday I'm in love" and even more bizarre, there is a successful chain restaurant whose actual tagline is “Where every day feels like it’s Friday!”

So why is it that Friday feels so good? I guess here are some of the reasons why most of us love Friday:


One definitely deserve a pat on the back after a week of hard work. Regardless of whether you are studying or which line of work you are in, Friday is definitely a welcome introduction to the weekend...no more work on the table...no more annoying stuff that probably has been bugging you.


I think this is the most beautiful part of Friday....you finally get to have the ME time....one can be sleeping the whole day or hang out until Sunday....it's all your choice. If you love partying, clubbing...this is the time to do it. If you treasure time spent with your loved ones, this is where you really get to do special things together...


Well, this is one magic day none of us cannot truly comprehend. For some reason, it gives us a restart button. If your week have been bad, it just give you that restart button and the relief of having Friday around....and after the weekend, you just get to restart again. That's the beauty of Friday.

I am sure there are more reasons why people love Fridays! But for now, I'm gonna enjoy my rest, knowing that it's Friday soon!!

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