Luis Suarez staying at Liverpool

Sometimes, things could be really funny. At one time, we heard that Suarez was asking to leave Liverpool to a rival club, Arsenal...there seems to be a threat to bring legal issues into the dispute as well. 

Point of no return?

The so called "gentleman's agreement" and how Rodgers actually go public against such accusation seems to suggest a no turning back for Suarez....But out of nowhere, we are hearing news that he is staying now, and could even extend his stay in Liverpool.

Leading GolTV Latin America journalist, Martin Charquero, has revealed the Uruguay international told him that he will not be leaving the Reds, despite growing interest from Arsenal. 

The Journalist tweeted: "Luis Suarez confirms to me that he will not leave Liverpool. The support of the fans in recent weeks influenced his decision."

Tweet 1

Charquero added in his tweet: "Suarez sees it as likely that he'll sign a renewal (extension) to the contract that binds him to Liverpool."

Tweet 2

And so does this mean the end of Arsenal pursuit for Suarez? Hmmm...I really doubt so given the way the situation turn out at Anfield...anyway, football is round...there might just be more movement towards the end of the transfer window. 

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