Mourinho continue pursuit for Rooney

The Special One has spoken....nothing has changed. 

The pursuit for Rooney is still ongoing even though it is understood that there is an increasing acceptance at Stamford Bridge that United will not sell Rooney, but Mourinho admitted they are still interested.

The chase is ongoing but Mourinho has plan B and C

“Nothing changed,” the coach said, as he was then asked why the club keep chasing a player despite two previous bids being rejected.

“It is the same reason why other clubs do the same with our players. When you think that you’d like to have one player and the market is open and the official bids are not forbidden, official bids are always accepted in an ethical way, you try because nobody forbids you to try. Of course the players’ owners can do exactly what we did with David Luiz and Barcelona. It’s simple."

When asked if he has a "Plan B", Mourinho quickly replied "and C". Apparently, he was referring to Samuel Eto'o and Yilmaz. 

Well, Moyes definitely heard what Mourinho told the Press and Rooney is listening too....could this tempt Rooney to hand the transfer request just in time before the transfer windows close? This will be one of the most interesting Premier League season after so many years...

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