Mourinho: I wanted Bale at Madrid

Mourinho is adding voices to the Gareth Bale transfer bid rumour. With a reportedly €145m bid for Bale, it seems that it is a matter of time before Bale move to Madrid. 

Jose Mourinho told ESPN that in his last season at Madrid, he tried to sign Gareth Bale. The man who is now in his second era at Chelsea suggested that Bale will be a success in Madrid. 

“I asked the club to buy him last season but it was not possible,” Mourinho revealed to ESPN’s Roger Bennett ahead of Chelsea's Guinness Cup match against AC Milan. 

Well, I'm not sure about you but I have this question in my head....if Mourinho indeed wanted Bale to go to Madrid last season, how come he did not try to lure the player to join him at Chelsea? 

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