My Rule: #25

At times, you just become agitated with the fact that people saying things like you're still young or you're not experienced enough. While some of these feedbacks are important for one to grow, it's also discouraging at times. 

Anyway, I was reading on an article the other day about people who make it there...while we read these successful stories, most of us don't realize what these people have to go through to reach there. 

We just got to remind ourselves whenever we are down, that "Everyone who got to where they are not has had to begin where they were. Get Started." That rule itself should be a good motivation for one to Get Started and stopped complaining. A lot of people just complained and forgot that we are all part of this system. It is probably messed up but there are still people who make it. So instead of complaining, let's start planning...let's start doing....let's start this journey!

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