Simple dinner, for the Lazy One.

Well, the other day I decided to post a question on what to add into my sandwich....there are a lot of suggestions but here is a simple way of making a fulfilling sandwich as dinner....all you need is a margarine, cheese, tuna and bread....of course I made myself milk...Calcium!! Hehe!!

Check this out!! How cool is that? The food are flying around...
Anyway, I got home after my gym....and I was really tired to follow all the other instructions...cucumber, lettuces, ham, etc....I mean all of those are good but when you are tired, all you wanna do is grab something to eat. And that's what I did. 

The tuna and margarine tastes good...and the cheese, perfect!! 

I'm not a very choosy person when it comes to food so I think this is really good.....I had 6 breads, 2 cheese, all the breads are with margarine and tuna....hehe!! And then plus the milk!! Woila!! Dinner settled!! Mission accomplished!! 

And as I had finished my meal, it's time for fruit....APPLE!! 

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