Where is Ronaldo if Bale arrives?

That is really a question that Carlo Ancelotti needs to answer should Bale arrives. 

With Real Madrid in possession of the world's most expensive player and arguably the best player in his position, Cristiano Ronaldo, it does not seem logic at all when Real Madrid talks about €145 million bid for Gareth Bale, someone who play in a similar role as Ronaldo. 

Ronaldo & Bale but more like Ronaldo or Bale

With Ronaldo being vocal about his unhappiness in Real Madrid last season, it just seem to suggest he is on his way out, but let's not forget about Real's confidence about Ronaldo staying in Real Madrid until retirement. And what about Ancelotti's comment that Ronaldo will choose the position that he wants to play. Is it simply a statement to make Ronaldo happy while awaiting the arrival of his replacement? 

I'm pretty sure Bale's transfer will cause some other transfer to go on.....the possibility of Ronaldo returning to Manchester United, where will Rooney be, the transfer pursuit of Fabregas, and all....let's not forget about the players that will be targeted by Spurs after that. This will definitely cause some movement in the transfer market.

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