2013 Great Eastern Annual Dinner

Well, it's the time of the year again...the annual dinner, the awards, the performance, the food, the lucky draws....

Anyway, I think this year's annual dinner was good in a way...taking advantage of the technology available these days...a lot of videos and even the shadow performance was awesome. Of course, there are hiccups here and there, probably due to the audio quality of the recording....I'm not too sure about that though...but other than that, it was pretty good.

I was also sitting with my new department...the people from the Investment Ops side. Well, it was good to take the dinner to sort of get to know them slightly better. 

Met up with these 3 abangs when arrived
When I reached, I met up with 3 Abangs here...Abang Sahariman, Abang Yazik and Aiman Foo....the 3 of them are my colleagues when I was in CAD. 

Anyway, I took the photos of the surrounding when I went into the hall...beautifully decorated...a lot of efforts by the company's Management Trainee.
Dinner table beautifully decorated...

Table number not lucky enough...aiks!

One of the screen

The lighting blocking this snapshot...aiks

Well, managed to take some photos with some of my friends there...some of the photos not with me though...

Took this with Alicia from Property

Chris Kong is so nice...avoid me looking too short...haha!

With Nellie

Su Xian, my good buddy from Strategic Planning

With Ching Ling

With the star person of the event, the PIC...Ann Jee

Kawan-kawan in GE from ISM, University Malaya

With Alicia KPC....:-)

Take two...

With Meng Wai...another scholar in GE

With the most beautiful girl of the night, Christine..:-)

Kawan baik from Banca, Joan

She's so tall in comparison to me...Wei Ling!

Strategic Planning Kaki lor...Geok Yean, Adrian and Su Xian

Geok Yean and Adrian looking damn good

Love this shot!
Well, there are some photos that I didn't post it here as I do not have it with me, and I also regret not manage to take photos with the many other friends in CAD....Anyway, it was a good night to chill around at KLCC...

I only managed to take 2 photos of the meal...so forgetful when chatting and taking photos with the people.

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