Apple announces iPhone 5S

Well, just as expected, Apple made the iPhone 5S announcement with most of the features as per the leaked information much earlier. The iPhone 5S is now available in three expressions: gold, silver and space gray. 

You'll find this on the Apple's website

According to Apple, it is lighter but when I look at the tech spec, it is still at 112 gram. Anyway, check it out:

The most amazing feature of the iPhone 5S is the "Touch ID". According to Apple, the Touch ID, a new fingerprint identity sensor is capable of 360 degree reading capability, which means no matter what its orientation, whether in portrait, landscape or anything in between, the iPhone 5S reads your fingerprint and know who you are. With "Touch ID", there will be easier access to your iPhone 5S as your iPhone recognizes you once you touch the home button and there you go. It can also be used to approve purchases from iTunes Store, the Apple Store, and the iBook Store. No more reliance on password. As the iPhone reads multiple fingerprints, it will also recognizes the people that you trust. 


Well, just as each year when Apple announced the iPhone, there will be an improved processing power. This time around, with the world's first 64-bit mobile phone with over 1 billion transistors, Apple boasted that some of the apps could run as much as five times faster. 


The iPhone 5S has an improved battery lifespan according to Apple. The battery now has up to 10 hours of 3G talk time, LTE browsing and Wi-Fi browsing, and up to 250 hours on standby and according to the announcement, it's still better than iPhone 5. 


Just as its' predecessor, the iPhone 5S has a 8-megapixel camera but according to Apple, it's even BETTER. There is a five-element Apple-designed lens, and a new sensor with a 15 percent larger active area in the iSight. Not impressive enough? Well, there is also the dual-LED camera, which helps to get the right color balance out of the flash, making skin tones look far better. It also comes with a new "burst-mode" which takes 10 frames per second, while for those who love the video mode, the iPhone 5S captures high-definition imagery at 120 frames per second.  


The iPhone 5S has a lot of new blurs and layers, tucked-away features, and transitioning animations. The iOS 7's visual foundation is built on three-dimensional effects and faux-perspective. The software also features a dynamic, moving "parallax" wallpaper with "flatter" icons.
The Control Center, which is the swipe-up "cheat-sheet" area of your phone or tablet, allows you to access the device's basic features and functions — ready and waiting when you need them quickly. Separated into four distinct panels (or five, when an AirPlay device is detected), each section offers different core device options, such as radio access or screen brightness. 

Well, this new feature makes the iPhone 5S sounds like an Android suddenly. Anyway, that is my opinion though...anyway, on the other hand, swipe-down and you have a brand new, elegant full-display look at what is coming up, and what you've missed since you last looked at your device. Totally redesigned from the ground up, it's now easier than ever being briefed on what's come into your device at any given time. (guess Apple must have been quite proud of their new design...are you?)


I guess this is the last "IMPROVED" section that I'll be writing. According to Apple, the voice-activated intelligence assistant has grown up. Donning the same old voices but refined vocabulary, the on-hand helper now has much better speech recognition support. Siri is now refined and polished, and, above all else, it works when you need it most, and now accommodates a string of new, different features and services, including access to your device's hardware features.

This is the one last feature that I'll be blogging for the day, but it's also one of the feature that I think deserve some shoutout here besides the "Touch ID". There is a brand new business, enterprise features. The  iOS 7 now comes with per-app virtual private networking (VPN) so you can connect your email account to your office network while keeping browsing on your home Wi-Fi. It also comes with PDF support in email, enterprise single sign-on, and third-party app data protection that keeps data stored in a compartmented and secure way. Something useful finally? 

Anyway, there is another lower priced iPhone, the iPhone 5C that is pretty colorful, just as rumoured....guess Apple is going for all market now...

Anyway, that's all of the updates for now...upnext the Apple's iPhone 5C. 

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