Chilled out in KL with family [Part 1]

When you grow older, you will realize that the most important thing in life is family. 

Well, it was a great and tiring weekend with my family coming over to KL to chill out. There was no specific purpose...they don't come here to shop or to check on the KL properties....they were here just to chill out as a family and I think that was awesome.

My parents actually got a place at Dynasty Hotel and we had mooncake over there. On Saturday morning, before my parents, eldest sis, brother and YenLeng arrived, my sister, Chiew Lian and I had an amazing coffee at this place...Espressamente Illy at Pavillion.

Beautiful font

This is what Chiew Lian had

This is what I ordered for myself

The starter


My lasagne

Well, we went to a few places in KL....Pavillion, Midvalley, Gardens, Times Square, and Publika....we also enjoyed some good Chinese tea with mooncake at the hotel.

As I won't be back Ipoh this year for the Mooncake festival, it felt awesome to be able to enjoy it with my family in KL.

There are more photos but I guess that's it for now...need to get ready to bed as I have to work tomorrow....awesome Malaysia day holiday!! Hehe!! 

Stay tune for Chilled out in KL with family [Part 2]

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