Farewell for Kelvin Teng

Well, time passed quickly and before we knew it, it's time to say goodbye. A good friend of mine who taught me a lot of the basics when I first joined Great Eastern in 2011, Kelvin Teng will be going to UK for his Masters studies. 

Goodluck buddy!!

We had our farewell session in Heli Lounge Bar @ Menara KH. 

I missed out the dinner session as I had my tuition earlier but it was great to see them again. People like Stephen and Kelvin always provide that relaxing atmosphere after a day of work and stress. 
It was also great to have Kah Hee along. It's been a while since I met up with my former Manager and Assistant Manager back at Events & Promotion.

Anyway, besides that, the night view at the top was awesome....although the lack of music makes it a bit quiet...probably it would make better sense if it is a date night. I guess Heli Lounge Bar ain't really for group gatherings. Anyway, we still have fun. 

Check out some of the photos they sent to me before I arrived. (I was slightly late and arrived at about the same time as Kah Hee)

Lawrence and Chris Kong both looking awesome right at the back

Lawrence and the KL Tower...woohoo!!

our Malaysian pride, KLCC?

The view here is breathtaking...

Say cheese?

Well, here is the group photo...the first one below was a bit blurred on our faces but at least it shows the entire background, which is awesome! 

You don't always get this opportunity to gather as a group

Take two!
The drinks were a bit too much I think. Really cannot drink...dislike alcohol nowadays....haha!!

Well, below are three shots of Stephen, Kelvin, Alicia and myself....

Well, it was a great night to just be together, drink, talk about life and nonsense....relax!! Although it was probably a bit pricey for this kind of weekly chilled out. 

Nevertheless, it was a great time! Looking at all these photos quality, it just reminded me to save money to get the Nokia Lumia 1020 as my next smartphone. But that's another story altogether.

Well, all the best to Kelvin! 

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