Group A

Manchester United face a rather tricky group with Shakhtar Donetsk, Bayern Leverkusen and Real Sociedad. 

The English champions will play in the Champions League game without Sir Alex Ferguson for the first time since 1969. Moyes will definitely bring a new dimension into the game but how far can they go is something that are yet to unfold. Given the performances of the team in the early season, there seems to be a lot of work to be done for the Red Devils. Shakhtar will be playing in this season with a very different team due to a lot of departure last season. While the team impressed last season, they are having one of their worst start in 9 years. 

Bayern Leverkusen on the other hand, remains favourite to take the second spot, behind Manchester United. The Bundesliga players are definitely something to be feared given the manner which Bayern Munich won the Champions League last season. 

Real Sociedad is another club that must be observed, given an impressive game in the playoffs. While the coach might not be experienced, the impressive 4-0 win on aggregate against Lyon sounds an alarming warning to the teams in the Group. They asked for Manchester United, and they got it. Now they got to prove themselves to be more than just a participant in the tournament. 

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