How football fans react?

I was watching how Manchester City demolished United yesterday night. Well, honestly, it was painful to watch your favourite team got beaten by a scoreline of 4-1 but it was hilarious to look at how some people responded to the game.

Here are a few categories of people:


Here is the thing when it comes to watching football. You will have to bear with watching with other group of people. Honestly, I wouldn't mind watching with Liverpool fans, Arsenal fans and all but watching together with those Manchester City fans sometimes just piss you off.

Out of the many City-proclaim fans, most of them are really just those who dislike Manchester United.

So, last night, when United were losing 3-0, and the replay showed a goal by City's Aguero, some of those "fans" just kept repeating the celebration each time the replay showed. It's pretty annoying and really, some of them don't even know who Aguero is. 


There seems to be a tendency for football fans to talk about boasting right, and yesterday game, the boasting right definitely goes to those from City....for some reasons, those who are supporting Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal also felt that they have the boasting right. 

Anyway, I too fall under this category of claiming the boasting right, but truth to be told, most of the time, I only celebrate biggest when Manchester United won the title, not a single game.


Well, I guess I fall under that category yesterday night when Manchester United lost, but guess I am more matured these days. It's just a game and it's normal to lose...and that's what makes football interesting....unpredictable...even when United won 4-2 against Bayern Leverkusen the other day with such impressive play by Kagawa, it is unbelievable to see the Japanese not even playing a part yesterday.

Anyway there are two types of who watch til the last minute, get upset and moody for the rest of the weekend until the next game...while we have some others, who chose to leave the game even before the final whistle. 

While none of the two I mentioned above, I have a better respect for those who stick with the team until the final whistle...but then again, it's important to learn's just a football is beautiful when taken as sports, but ugly when one turn it into something fanatical.


Honestly, this is the group that annoy me the most, and I tried to avoid watching any of the games with these bunch.

Young teen girls love to show that they are pumped up for an interesting football game...most claiming to support Manchester United or hate Manchester United. Once the game got started, they usually spend the entire time taking pictures of each other so they can have lots and lots of wonderful Facebook photos. 

While everyone else is bummed and depressed when the scoreline is not ncouraging to the teams they supported, these women are still right in front of you jumping around and gossiping, with an occasional "Ooh My Gawd, We're Losing?! That's So Sad!!!" sprinkled in.


Well, most of the time, this group is a deviation from THE SHE PACKS. They probably comes in the form of a girlfriend or wife. While these bunch have no idea what football is really all about, they try to care.

Again, given the example, these are usually women. They might even congregate with the guys, not for flirting, but for football insight.

However, they tend to be hopeless. 

When they saw a free kick or an offside, they will argued that the games are being stopped too frequently. It's a good try but things become obvious when they scream "Goal" or "It's a foul" during replays. 

This group of fans have potential but they are just a lot of the next time if you thought of bringing your girlfriend of wife for a football game, think again.

Well, I am sure there are many more but here are really just some of those common ones...

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