"Touch ID Sensor" on iPhone 5S??

Well, it's been a while since I follow any gadgets' news and it was a rather surprise that it's the time of the year again....a new iPhone coming out..

But what surprise me is that apparently, not one iPhone will be announced....it's 2 of them...the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Apparently, the 5C is a budget version while the iPhone 5S is on the high-end side. 

There are a lot of news of what's coming to the new iPhone such as the iOS7 and many other things....

Well, there seems to be a suggestion of more than just the black and white iPhone...apparently, Apple's iPhone will have color this time around...

I am not sure how the color is going to brighten up my day but it seems that Apple is convinced this announcement will brighten everyone's day. 

Apparently, one of the key feature is the Touch ID Sensor. I mean it sounds cool and futuristic but there seems to lack a cutting edge feature on this coming announcement. I guess the usual upgrade will be seen....faster speed, lighter than the previous one, a whole lot of talks about the improved battery lifespan, better camera etc. 

Honestly, it doesn't really bring out the WOW factor...of course, the Touch ID Sensor might just be attractive enough if more apps will make use of the functionality. 

Anyway, it's not long before the announcement...we'll just wait and see....

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