iPhone 5S and 5C, many colors, few innovations

Haven't you heard? The best just got better....

Well, isn't that familiar.....some of the familiar and similar tagline by Apple each time they announce a new iPhone. This time around though, they announced 2....the iPhone 5S and 5C.

All these colors will not hide Apple's dull state in its' innovation
While this is the first time that we heard 2 models of iPhone launched at the same time, it could also be one of the worst updates we have....honestly, there is really nothing to shout about for iPhone 5S and 5C.....except that it comes in more colors. 

However, all of those colors will not be able to hide the dull state of Apple at this point....lack of innovation...

Except for the Touch ID, which is something that happened to leak out onto the internet for quite a while, there is really nothing. I read through and watched the unveiling of the iPhone models and it really disappoint me....even with 2 models of iPhones, there seem to have nothing to shout about...there is the lack of "WOW" expression when we talk about the iPhones now...in fact, looking at all these updates, it just felt as though the iPhone has joined one of the Droid models on the market. 

I guess the best way to sum it up for iPhone 5S and 5C....many colors, few innovations (if there were any). 

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