Live Great Run

Honestly, I'm not too keen to join some of the company activities like Live Great Run etc. Not that it's's just that I felt I've been spending a bit too much time at the office and I should have more time to mix with my companion outside of Great Eastern.

Anyway, since I don't have much choice but to participate in this run, I'm going to go with a positive mind.

I went and took the goodie bag the other day and wow! Not bad the freebies. 

I kinda like the free t-shirt honestly. Brooks...not bad. Since I'll need one for my gym session, I got it for FREE! Woohoo!!

still inside the plastic

Looking good from this angle

The Great Eastern logo at the back


Well, the material seems comfortable enough for running and the design looks good enough. Of course, I would prefer a brighter colour but dark blue still looks good. 

Besides the t-shirt, there are goodies....probably nothing to shout about but at least there is something. Check out the goodie bag and my number for the run.

Any difference for LIFE company and Life Insurance Company?

The other side showing the company's logo number for the Live Great Run

I found an Anlene inside the goodie bag....hehe!! 

High Calcium!!
Then, there are actually a lot of brochures inside the Goodie bag...which I think is a bit too much...

Well, guess all these goodies are just extras. At the end of the day, it is the process while working towards the Live Great Run. I'm going for my test run today at the gym....wish me luck! :-)

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