Live Great Run

The Live Great Run organized by Great Eastern had passed about a week maybe it's time to blog bout it before I forgot. what does it feel like after not going for long distance run for such a long time and suddenly you have to run 12km? Well, the natural response from me would have to go for the run....tried my best and see what the outcome is.

Anyway, guess the days when I would do things based on impulse are long gone. I'm a different Kian Hin now. First of all, I'm more health conscious and I knew that by going into the 12km run, trying to hit 1 hour 30'll be good and satisfactory, but it'll mean pushing my knee to the limit. I've been reading a lot about how bad running can be to the knees and although it differs from one person to another, training for long distance run has its' good and bad. I decided to go on a more moderate manner....I ran for about 3km before started walking throughout the run with a friend of mine. We took 2 hours to was a bad timing, but I enjoyed pain on my knees and it's good to sweat and exercise all at the same time. 

I'm not saying it's bad to run and challenge yourself, but I'll prefer the moderate style these days...

Well, I enjoyed was good to exercise and I'm glad I did not force myself to run at a pace just to keep a good timing. 

Happy with the run overall....nice weather all at the same time...and good memories!! :-)

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