Manchester derby

Well, ever since City was bought over by the rich Sheikh Mansour...and ever since then, the Manchester derby becomes something that the fans look forward to. For United fans, it's been a while since this neighbour start to threaten fact, to a point of agitation that Sir Alex Ferguson called Manchester City the "noisy neighbour". 

Manchester Derby...are you excited? I am already....

We all know that Sir Alex Ferguson had retired....and it's now David Moyes' job to keep the winning Manchester as, can he do it? Given the recent form and display in the Champions League game against Bayern Leverkusen, it seem to suggest that the right team selection has already been made....Van Persie, Rooney, Kagawa, Fellaini, Carrick and Valencia could pose a lot of danger at the front...with a strong defense lineup lead by Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra....not forgetting an awesome goalkeeper, De Gea...but against Manchester City, we are talking about a team full of star players...the only problem could be that Pellegrini has yet to find the right solution for Manchester City...a 3-0 win in the Champions League against Plzen. Back in England though, City has yet to show any consistency or depth in their squad.

Manchester City's captain, Kompany relish the idea of facing a strong Manchester United with Rooney on form at the moment...

"It's brilliant. You want to play against top players at their best. That's personally how I feel about it. I always want to play against players when they are at their best. I'm really happy for Wayne that he's on top form. This is the great thing about the Premier League, you play against top strikers all the time. But there are many players to watch out for in both teams."

It is a match for which the City manager, Manuel Pellegrini, hopes to have midfielder David Silva restored. "It's a different [United] team, it's a different season and I would say there has never been anything too predictable in the derby," Kompany said. "Nobody predicted we would win 6-1 at Old Trafford, that they would beat us at the Etihad and that we would win at Old Trafford. I guess that's what the fans want too. It is unpredictable."

So, will City win by a superb margin like the last time they did at Old Trafford? Or can Moyes' United continue their superb performance against Bayern Leverkusen? Will Kagawa be in the starting line-up? What about Nani? Are you excited? Well, I am....

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