Manchester United

There are many negative feedbacks on the transfer window activities by Manchester United. No doubt bout that as a new coach takes over, we will see some hiccup here and there but I find some people actually exaggerate the United team currently.

Look at the Red Devils attacking options and one should be afraid...with Van Persie, Hernandez, Rooney and Welbeck available, these options are already good headache for Moyes in his selection.

Then the midfield area...with the arrival of Fellaini, United has a good option who is both physical and sharp. Look at our midfielders...while not the best, all of them can provide a lot of room for our forwards to score goals...Nani, Carrick, Fellaini, Kagawa, Valencia, Cleverley...while they are probably not the best in the market, together this team won the Premier League by a big margin last season under Sir Alex.

Our defenders might be old but they are still solid at the back except for the occasional hiccup. We have Vidic, Ferdinand, Rafael, Phil Jones, Evans, Evra....all of them are capable of stopping great teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and others...

Just to write off United after a rather laughable and disgraced transfer window activity is a bit far-fetched. No doubt bout that...the game against Liverpool was a bad one but let's not forget United was without Rooney...and Nani and many other players are just coming back from recovery...the season is too early to say Manchester United is out of the title fact, the signing of Fellaini could mean a more hungry Devils...

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