Not just 20 cents petrol hike

Have you ever spend some time to ponder what 20 cents could do? I believe that most people especially guys avoid taking coins. They would either throw it into a coin box or leave it for others to take. 
Even when exchanging money, most people would just round up and leave the coins aside but recently, we had a shocking news (really, is it that shocking and surprising? I thought we all see it coming)....a 20 cent petrol hike! And guess what? It becomes the nation's hot topic at the moment

And so I decided to take some time off and ponder at this. On one hand, it was a decision that will come sooner or later...after all, we all cannot live on subsidy alone. The government was right when they said they are still spending a lot on subsidy....even when I turn on my radio, I heard a lot of people calling in BFM to voice their objection and some even applaud the move.

So, what are your views on this? Some people were talking that Malaysians were too depending on the petrol subsidy and are always in their comfort zone...that it is time to wake up to the reality of the situation. Some even said that the BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat scheme) will help to lessen the impact of all these. 

any alternative?

Well, if you are in the middle income group, then you have just fall into the negative of all these new implementation. The BR1M will likely exclude the middle income group and yes, the 20 cents petrol hike will definitely see an increase on other prices will definitely go up in a matter of time. So, you see...the 20 cents petrol hike is not just 20 sets a domino effect to its' surrounding people. Those who are in the business will be quick to raise their prices to offset the 20 cents petrol hike. Many of those in the Klang Valley will find an increase of about 15 to 20% in their expenses in a matter of time. 

Really, we are not left with much options but to consider lower down our expenses...

Some of my friends were saying on Facebook that we must understand the economy behind the increase of the petrol price instead of simply complaining about it. I agreed on those comments but as a Malaysian, as a middle income earner, I believe most Malaysians complain because so much is left to be done by our government. It is not the 20 cents petrol hike that make us so is simply because each time Malaysia plan some "strategic economic growth" (I wonder how strategic it really is) , it is the Rakyat that has to bear the brunt....the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer....imagine some Malaysians struggling for survival on their little "Kancil" everyday while some of our "entrepreneurs" spent crazy money on English football club that just relegated to the second division? Sounds familiar to you? Well, it's really not the 20 cents that is while the Rakyat continue to compromise, there is so much left to be done. 


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