Overreaction is common in football

I always believe that football teaches us a lot of lesson...and overreaction is one of those. 

Look at the beginning of the season...Arsene Wenger's Arsenal kicked off the campaign in a 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa. Almost everyone pointed at the lack of transfer activity that lead to that defeat. But after that game, Arsenal seemed to be right on track again, with some impressive performance. The last minute capture of Ozil seems to be a success but does Arsenal really need the service of Ozil? If you look at the midfielders in the Gunners' line-up, Ozil probably isn't the player that Arsene Wenger should focus on, but yet Ozil's arrival is lauded as a good move. And what about Manchester United? 

They started with an impressive win over an organized and great team, Swansea....4-1 in an away game. That was a great game and everyone seem to be suggesting that Moyes is on the right track....two weeks down the road, a draw against Chelsea and a defeat against Liverpool (1-0 defeat) and United was without Rooney. And the press seems to be pushing for the panic button. 
To make things worst, the last minute capture of only Fellaini was nothing to shout about and yet, it was probably better for United to have Fellaini and retain Rooney, then to have Fabregas or any other star players without Wayne Rooney. If you asked me, was it a good transfer activities under Moyes....definitely not an impressive one, but they still managed to secure the transfer of Fellaini, and to retain Rooney was probably crucial this season. 

Then, there is Tottenham....they have been extremely active in the transfer season, securing a lot of top players, as they knew they were losing Bale, their best player to Real Madrid. Was it a good transfer season for the team? Well, maybe but their performance against Arsenal was nothing to shout about....in fact, it should caused concern for AVB. 

What about Chelsea? Was there any great signings? Not really, unless you considered a rather overaged Eto'o to be one of the top signing. Of course, they have Mourinho and that's probably a big signing that's good enough for the season...but judging from their performance with United, they're really not that far ahead. 

And then, we have Liverpool...3 games with 3 wins...all by 1-0. Well, we all know the importance of winning 1-0....Sir Alex Ferguson stressed the importance of clean sheet and winning 1-0...all the more especially when Manchester United has a prolific striker in Van Nistelrooy back then. And now Liverpool has Sturridge. But do you really believe that Sturridge is another Van Nistelrooy? I definitely don't think so....a 1-0 win in 3 games are good for them, but their previous two games before Manchester United was not against a top team. Nevertheless, I believe they have improved a lot for this season...

But the main point is that the overreaction in football is way too common. We have seen it time and again, which lead to great managers being sacked. That happened to people even like Mourinho...but these sort of overreaction never happen under Alex Ferguson's time, which gives him what he needs...time. And eventually, the manager's success become evident. 

So, overreaction is common in football, sometimes at the expense of quality players and managers. The overreaction this transfer season has caused the arrival of Fellaini to be merely a disappointment rather than a success. The overreaction this transfer season caused Arsene Wenger to splash great amount of money on a player that he probably don't need...Ozil. 

And Real Madrid, proven to be the catalyst of overreaction time and again, had another transfer record with the capture of Gareth Bale, something that could probably lead to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, sooner or later. Well, we are about to see how well these teams cope under the pressure of the new trend in football....overreaction.

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