Phonebloks, a fascinating idea!

I was browsing through the web as I couldn't really sleep....the usual symptom for people of this generation. Anyway, I came across an interesting video posted by a colleague of mine,'s about Phonebloks. 

If you have not heard of it, you may wanna look at this video...

Well, I honestly find the concept is amazing. Something entirely fresh and new. We all know the latest announcement of the iPhone 5S and none of that excites me as much as this...

It's not the features on the camera or the HD screen or the futuristic idea of hologram or even the Touch ID ring from Apple. The concept of Phonebloks goes about the importance of recycling. The problem with the development of the mobile and gadget industry is wastage. We have seen new iPhones coming out every year. Then, we have the Samsung Galaxy family, followed by a bunch of Droid phones in the market every year....because people changes their phones almost on a yearly basis. The problem with this is wastage...most people change their phone because of certain issues like storage, or the HD screen, or their spoiled camera lens...issues like that. Most of the time, the devices are still in good condition...only parts of it have problems. It could be the speaker, battery, screen, storage, etc....but because of one problem, the entire device is dispose....which is why wastage on devices and gadgets are one of the highest. 

Phonebloks introduced the idea of a platforms that connect to all these separate parts...the camera, the battery, the storage, the HD Screen, the WiFi compartment and many others...the idea is such that when one of these parts malfunctioned, one could easily replace it. Should there be a need for an update for a better HD screen, or if you love a higher resolution camera, you could just change the lens to a better one. The idea is simple, yet amazing. That's innovation. 

I totally love the idea!! If you support this idea, please go to and support!! For me, this is even better than the iPhone 5S, or the Galaxy family...maybe even better Nokia. Turning phones into something like a "Lego"...I think this is a fascinating idea!!

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  1. If this concept would be push trough this would be my last phone ever! All I need and want to a phone is in here!


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