Shameful on Malaysian Minister's complaint regarding drivers

It was a total shock when I read this....the Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Hasan Malek during a press conference on Sunday said that drivers should give way as the people that are being escorted needed to get to their destination on time to perform their official duties.
"I have received complaints that when our Rulers pass, road users just don't give way.
"We must put a stop to this, showing respect to our leaders is part of our culture," said the minister.
Although noting that road users only needed to give way to emergency services vehicles by law, Hasan reiterated that giving way to outriders should be part of the local culture.

It is shameful of such remark being made by a man at his position. While it is important to show respect to our Ruler and Leaders, I think it is important for Malaysian Ministers to start learning about respect for Malaysian. It is already bad enough with the traffic jam that never seem to improve, thanks largely to our super slow and lousy public transport development. And here we are, being bullied by outriders who wanted to reach a destination on time. 

Well, it is true that most of them have official duty but aren't we on official duty as well when we rush for our work place? Forget about the outriders and probably, the ministers will learn how bad our traffic really is. 

On the other hand, I need to give special respect to UK Prime Minister, David Cameroon. He spoke against such action, which hopefully point directly to this particular "Minister"....UK Prime Minister David Cameron have since cut down on the use of police escorts, saying that it is an 'ostentation' to be sped through the traffic by police escort and that police escorts will only be used for high security occasions such as state visits.

We have "mat rempits" in Malaysia, we have "road bullies" like our outriders and "Ministers" here...perhaps they need to go back to school to learn the most basic thing: respect needs to be earned. 

Maybe when he learn about "KESOPANAN DAN KESUSILAAN", that's when people will let him pass by willingly. As for now, shame on him for making such comment in the public...a disgrace to the country and his ownself...

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