Simple health tips #1

We all know the need to take care of our health but most of the time, we find our health to be deteriorating. One of the main reason was our negligence towards the little things. If only we realize how important this little things are, we will take more actions to do them, to live a healthier life with this little steps.

I thought about this long and I was never really the kind of person that take good care of my health, I think it's time for me to learn to do so. And what better way to learn it than to put it into words...


I always believe that Gen-Y has the capability to work in any place that they want to but there is one place that I will advise you not to....AVOID WORKING IN BED, because this will increase the level of your stress. Working in bed makes it harder for you to sleep in bed, because of the association with bed and workplace. All those stress definitely will not help you to bed. Having said that, relaxing activities like reading a book is just fine. 

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