Simple health tips #2

Bone up Daily

I think most of us neglect the importance of taking care our bone density. 

Science shows us that bone density declines after the age of 30....that's serious trouble especially if you plan to live a long fulfilling life. Imagine if you're not taking good care of your the time you're 50, you'll regret it with a lot of movement becoming impossible due to weak bones and strength. 
This is especially important for females....the risk of getting osteoporosis is high among the female gender. (This has nothing to do with gender discrimination...if anyone ever felt that way, blame it on the Creator...not the writer of this blog).

All of these could lead to painful fractures at old age.


Get your calcium dosage on a daily basis. You can either pop a tab, drink milk or have a yoghurt. My preference would be milk though. Taking Vitamin D and having regular exercise will also help to strengthen one's muscle to protect the bones. 

Well, if you don't have a habit of getting you calcium dosage on a daily basis, I suggest you do so...

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