Simple health tips #3: For a Healthy Heart [Part 1]

I always believe that a healthy heart is very important....probably why I've been into running in the first place when I was in my youth. 

Anyway, I was searching on ways to improve and maintain a healthy heart...that requires some lifestyle changes but I think it's important.

Here are some of the important tips for a health heart...

1) Choose FISH.

First thing that I think I have to change, is a bit of my diet....because apparently fish is good for a healthy heart. 

Salmon fish a good option

Well, in a way, it's difficult to agree on this because I don't fancy fish...anyway apparently fish, especially cold-water fish such as wild salmon, sardines and herrings contain protective omega-3 fatty acids that improve cardiovascular health.


This was something that I did quite often in the past but something that I must improve on...exercise more...I used to do a lot of running. 

Regular Exercise
Although excessive of running is bad for the knee, daily running of about 15 to 30 minutes is good. If you don't have much time to head to the gym, consider walking. It takes a little motivation to choose the stairs instead of the lift, but all of these go a long way in improving your heart health.


I think I don't really have much problem with this...not really over gaining weight even after working for 2 years. 

Maintain your weight

It is important to keep trim, maintain a healthy diet...a summary of a good diet would be low in saturated animal fat and sugar, but high in fibre, fruit and vegetables.


In order to improve the cardiovascular system and reduce risk of serious cardiovascular complaints, take more vitamin E.



Well, if you are smoking, STOP! 


If you're not, don't try it.

There is no other way going about it....I'm sure our government increasing the price for cigarette will help people to lower down their intake, and hopefully, eventually stop!

Well, there are more on this but I'm sure 5 tips in a blog post is good enough....try to maintain this for about 2 weeks to a month, then you can consider moving forward.

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