Some of Manchester derby moments

Ahead of the first Manchester derby of the season and also the first time City will play Manchester United, knowing that the Red Devils no longer has their best player, their manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. This time around, for so many years, Manchester United will play against Manchester City with a new boss, David Moyes. 

Well, in case of those of you who are not aware of what you are in for, here are some of the Manchester derby moments that must not be forgotten.

Michael Owen's most important contribution

Michael Owen becomes an instant legend at United with his last gasp goal

Most of us will remember the last minute goal by Michael Owen for Manchester United....already at an age that's at a disadvantage, Owen showed what he's made of and why Sir Alex Ferguson trusted sharp as always and a natural goal 2009, as Manchester United and City battled out a breathtaking game at Old Trafford, United led as the clock ticked past the 90 minute mark, but Craig Bellamy's superb finish from a tight angle on the left-hand side looked to have given City a share of the points. Well, they forgot about the extra time, some dubbed it as "Fergie's time", Michael Owen stabbed home a last minute winner, making his mark as a Devil immediately.

Denis Law sinked United

Law's famous backheel sink United
Well, that was many years back (1974) but Denis Law's backheeled goal in the 1974 derby is often incorrectly attributed as the goal that sent his former club United down to Division Two. Although result elsewhere meant United would have gone down to Division Two, but the result simply amplify the pain. Well, Law was honest about his feelings on his goal that day....'I was inconsolable. I did not want to score the goal that sent United down'

City humiliate United at OT with 6 goals to one...

It was an unbelievable season...Manchester City was at the top of their game with a lot of new signings and stars....against 10 men United, they scored 6 goals....Evans was sent off in that game, but 6 goals at Old Trafford...that's a humiliation...

2 goals from Balotelli and Dzeko each, 1 goal from Aguero and Silva each...Fletcher did score a consolation for United in the 81 minute but it could not covered the game's disappointing result for the Red Devils...

Well, that game seems to lift the "noisy neighbour" label away for a while...


Wayne Rooney probably is just on form again, and that's good news because on February 2011, Rooney scored one of his most amazing goal against Manchester City...a beautiful goal indeed with an awesome overhead kick.

With the scores level and 12 minutes remaining the England man rose to meet Nani's right-wing cross and fired the ball into the net with a spot-on bicycle kick to hand United the points.

Beautiful bicycle kick from Rooney


Some of you probably wonder why Manchester United seems to always come back at the last minute in the last few years...that winning mentality and never die attitude started against City, back in 1993/94. 

Eric, the King...that's when it all started winning for United

Brian Horton's City side were unable to hang on to a 2-0 half-time lead. Eric Cantona's equaliser was the pick of the goals as Alex Ferguson was on his way to his first double.

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