Going to gym to de-stress

Probably a lot of us have different ways to destress. We come into different circumstances in life, some of it tend to tear us apart...and at times, we felt the pinch of it and really, it was rather difficult to control your emotion...all the more especially when I'm someone who had low EQ. 

Anyway, I find a meaningful way to overcome this.

Going to gym helps me a lot...to let go off everything.

Today is one of those days but going to gym helps me to focus on positive vibe.

Taking one snapshot before I kickstart my gym routine...

Start with running, my forte...

This is where I push everything out...

Feeling great after the workout. I completed an hour of workout, with 10 minutes of jogging as warm up. 

I even had a sauna after that....felt awesome when I finished it with a quick shower!!

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