#i miss home

I have to iron my working attire today since I only done one for Monday during the weekend. 

Well, I guess this is one of those times that you miss home...which prompt me to create a blog posts whenever I miss home!

#I miss home 

Hate iron clothes

When I have to iron clothes. I guess not many people love it, but to me, it's a major burden. At home, my mom would helped me with it most of the time. During my school days, I have my sister who would helped with it most of the time. Don't think that I'm a spoil kid....I did the other house chores with brother, like mopping the floor, wiping the fan etc. It's just ironing clothes...the heat, the time that need to be spent on it, the effort, the detailed etc. 

Anyway, I'm glad it's done for the week....phew!

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