Lumia 1020, it's a's a camera...

Nokia Lumia 1020 seems to be the solution for the new age of instant, always on social-media. With a camera that is capable of capture amazing photos, Lumia enables people to share photographs every minute of every day..

Nokia first unveiled the technology that now graces the 1020 in its 808 Pureview in July last year. At the time it was hailed as spectacular, but a dead end, as it was part of the Finnish company's final Symbian phone.
The good news is that with Lumia 1020, it runs the Windows Phone OS....while it is not perfect, it's definitely a work in the right direction...

In fact, a lot of people start talking about Nokia Lumia 1020 as the perfect replacement for the Nikon family...well, trust me...those DSLRs are still capable to take better photo quality but most people believe the size and lightweight of the Lumia device makes it a better option, especially when one goes to an event to have fun, relax and chill. It's not just a's a camera!


A friend of mine who tested the Lumia 1020 at one of the shop describe Lumia 1020 as this...."It's a's a camera....what an amazing camera!!"

No one is going to doubt and question Lumia 1020 when it comes to taking snapshots....the advertisement that Nokia put was other is even close...not the new iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy S4....


When I first heard of the 41MP, I questioned the need for such a high megapixels....but I was wrong...

When one look at the photos captured, one just has to give it a thumbs up!
More and bigger pixels do usually equate to coarser grain and "noisier" (less precise) images, the processing software means that this camera oversamples – in other words, it takes information from all the pixels to produce one 5MP image that is really good.

That 5MP image is the one that's available for sharing, and you can post it from the app direct to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or SkyDrive, or add it to an email or picture message. You can also send your picture to OneNote, which is part of the Office suite all Windows Phones bundle.

However, the benefit of those bigger pixels and bigger sensor really become clear when you look at the 38MP image captured at the same time as the smaller image. Blow it up, and the detail captured even at full magnification is really impressive.

Check out this image:

Image taken about half a mile away

While the sensor and the software are very important, nothing is more important when it comes to good pictures than the lens. Nokia has done its very best here, using a six-part assembly by Carl Zeiss, which has been a byword for high-quality lenses since the 19th century. 

Well, here is the bad part though...inevitably, this is an area where the image quality suffers: it's very difficult to get the best optics out of such a small assembly. Looked at in detail, images can suffer from purple fringing and I think the edges are rather soft.

That could reasonably be described as nitpicking: while these images wouldn't bear too much comparison with an image taken with a full-frame DSLR, or even a dedicated, good-quality point and shoot but for a cameraphone, they're STUNNING!

Here is another image taken using the Lumia 1020 that I found from another reviewer...

One could see the reflection on the eye...the power of Lumia 1020

There are simply too many good things when it comes to the ability of Lumia taking good photos....another one of it is during low light settings. Most of the time, the photos taken without flash would looks nicer...and Lumia 1020 makes sure that most of the time even in low light settings.

In party lighting or at dusk, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is still very good. The Xenon flash on the device also won a lot of praises from a lot of reviewers but I doubted the quality of it because I believe any flash can swamp and flatten a scene....anyway, that's really up to preference.

APPS, the big issue?

Here is the thing...each time a Windows Phone device is talked about, apps are the biggest issue....but is it really the big issue? Well, not really....some of the popular apps that are missing are Instagram, Hailo, Kabee, but we are seeing many that is coming along....such as Flipboard, Vine, Path...not forgetting that Dropbox is now on the Windows Phone platform as well.

The big question when it comes to apps are really Google and Microsoft. The problem that Google has with Microsoft caused Nokia and Microsoft to lose out on Google users, which are quite a majority of the people today.

The ongoing spat of Youtube between Google and Microsoft continues...which means no Youtube at the moment...if that's not problematic enough for you, the Nokia Lumia 1020 will find connecting using Gmail becomes so much more problematic....and that's where the big issue is.

Even with Office, Twitter, People Hub that is integrated deeply with social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc....Nokia Lumia 1020 will still be a big gamble product. 


With a price tag of RM2499 slapped on it, many consumers will continue to go for iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy family....not many will gamble to jump onto Microsoft platform, given the inconsistencies in the upgrades and apps issues. Well, Nokia has pulled off an amazing device....Microsoft definitely need to improve their platform, or else, Nokia Lumia 1020 will simply be another GREAT DEVICE THAT IS NOT GOING TO SELL.

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  1. Indeed it is a great photography device - judging how so many social media users bringing the smartphone to capture the photo on the go.


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