Nokia Lumia 1020, at RM2499

Well, Nokia and Microsoft must think of Lumia as a premium product to price it as RM2499. No doubt about it, the camera on the device is probably the best that's around the market at the moment, but to put a RM2499 price tag is like asking you not to buy.

The pricetag on the Lumia 1020 is as expensive as the iPhone 5 with 32GB....most people would opt for iPhone 5 with 16GB, which is at RM2, can save RM300 to buy accessories and apps. 

I will be kidding myself if I were to imagine the iPhone is as good as Lumia 1020....Nokia has put a lot of effort and innovation into Lumia 1020 and it's a device that will definitely capture the attention of young people and professional alike....with Windows Office on the go, it definitely has an edge over Apple's iPhone...but Microsoft and Nokia must have both overlook one crucial thing....the brand itself is not strong enough...the OS itself is not yet stabilize and has yet to prove put a price tag of RM2499 is simply asking prospect customers to buy Samsung or iPhone.

How many of us remember when Samsung initially started the Galaxy family....all of the S families are priced at a cheaper price in comparison to iPhone and has better features...because back then Samsung has yet to prove itself...but today, Samsung is getting a lot of customers even when their products are on par with Apple's iPhone. Time for Nokia and Microsoft to learn the basic of marketing.

It is a shame that Nokia Lumia 1020 will be another great device that is not going to sell.

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