Bought an overpriced trimmer

Yesterday while I was walking around Cold Storage, I saw this trimmer....MicroTouch Max. Apparently, it can be used to shave, to trim and help maintain the stubble look.

Anyway, after test trying it, I was somewhat disappointed but at the same time, I think I got it for the right reason: to maintain the stubble shave look. 

I took the photo after I had open the box. Forgot about it before that. Anyway, here is a reason why it is disappointing. Regardless of what is being said about what it can do, the trimmer takes quite a long time to do its' job. Probably because of its' micro precision. 

Well, on the good side of it, I felt that I can use it to maintain the stubble look, although it probably take some time. There is another awkward feeling using about it is that there is a tendency to switch on the light while using it. Honestly, do you need the light while you trim? Anyway, it cost me RM50....very expensive and overpriced but at least I got what I need at the moment. 

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