6 Great Benefits of Walking

We all know the importance of exercise but most of us will be surprise that one of the simplest form of exercise could yield great benefits of walking.

Walk for Great Benefits!

Well, here are some 6 Great Benefits from walking.

1) Lowers the risk of diabetes

30 minutes of brisk walking is going to go great length in helping one to reduce the risk of diabetes. 

Walking helps one to improve insulin sensitivity which helps one to make use of its' glucose store. Walking will help one blood sugar level to keep at a normal range rather than doing harm to muscles and nerves. 

2) Prevents the risk of stroke

There is a strong evidence that those who walk regularly have lower blood pressure and higher level of healthy HDL cholesterol. This will help to prevent the risk of stroke. 

Regular 30 minutes of walking on a daily basis lowered the risk of stroke by 40%.

3) Helps say no to ADDICTION

This is probably a new one for you but studies show that people who go for regular walk on a daily basis find it easier to quit habit and addiction like smoking. 

It helps to build discipline, an important element to have a strong mental strength to quit smoking.

4) Reduces stress, tension and heals depression

Feeling better after a good walk? It's not just your imagination. Studies show that walking benefits your mood and may even ward off anxiety and depression. Increased blood flow to the brain, the release of mood-elevating hormones and the simple pleasure of being out and about can bring about mental wellness.

5) Boost your immune system

If you are used to having those annoying cold and flu symptoms, maybe it is time to go for walking. Regular walking can cut your odds of contracting a cold in half! This is because walking boosts and supports healthy circulation, enabling immune cells to reach and kill viruses and bacteria more quickly. 

6) Prevents you from getting old

If you are one of those who want to stay young for a long time, try walking. Regular walking routine helps one to reduce the risk of age-related conditions. A habit of physical activity, however light, can lower the risk of arthritis, macular degeneration, and even cancer by an astonishing 50%!

When I first read about the benefits of regular walking routine, it just help to motivate me to consider walking to work on a daily basis in 2014....what about you? Still not into exercise? Try walking instead...it's easy...it's free...

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