YenLeng's convocation

Well, it was a great weekend with YenLeng coming over to KL for her convocation. I'm proud and happy for her...

I still remember the early days when she just got into OUM while working in Public Bank after Form 6. She was trying hard to adapt to university course while working as well. I still remember the times when she would called me and asked about her homework and how she is independent on her own footing now, passing both the CCP paper 1 and 3 as well while just finishing the paper 5 exam last week. I think it was just a great feeling to see her accomplishment and I'm proud to be parts and parcels of it. 

YenLeng's Convocation

She arrived to KL with her family on Friday night, stayed at the Renaissance Hotel and went to PWTC the next day for her convo. 
This was what happen on Friday evening after YenLeng and her family checked in the hotel.

A bit of test try on the robe....

while trying out the robe

One shot with the brother
Try a shot with the parents

While the event started at about 2pm, we arrived there about 11.30am.....there isn't much parking at PWTC so we have to park at Sunway Putra hotel instead. It wasn't far though...

Tried one shot once arriving with her two brothers
As usual on any convocation day, people would be busy with getting the robe right. This was what happened...

And we decided to take some shots for her after she's ready...check out the photos here...

Kenni and YenLeng

With the parents

We have the Twin Tower brothers at the side

Family picture 1

Family picture 2

My only shot with YenLeng on her convo...

Since only two persons are allowed to go in, I went for lunch with YenLeng's brothers at TGIF in Pavillion while waiting for the event to end.

Surprisingly, I saw Mui Yee there as well...apparently, it was also her friend's convo. 

The event ended at about 5pm and we went for dinner and a movie.
Well, that's another story though...Will blog about it later...

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