BIOTHERM HOMME: T-Pur Cleanser and SOS Corrective

Today, I had spent some money buying some cleanser for myself. 

I decided to try the brand BIOTHERM HOMME since my brother told me it's good. I bought it from SEPHORA in KLCC. I also got the member card as well since it's free. The salesperson recommended the T-Pur Cleanser and T-Pur SOS Corrective (Moisturizer) and the Toner for me as well. He told me to try the cleanser and moisturizer first, just in case my skin is sensitive to the I left the toner for another time.

Check out the cleanser and moisturizer that I got today....

Well, for those of you who do not know where Sephora is, it's at the Concourse floor, just nearby the Cold will find it by taking the escalator down all the way from the Signatures Food Court. I went there with Yen Leng and there are a lot of other beauty and facial products, both for male and female...

A simple math shows that each spending of RM420 will earn me about 10% off in my next visit. Not exactly a deal breaker....but at least I got some discount. 

Check out the amount of money spent today on this:

That's right...RM230....the products better be good....well, anyway, it's late...time to sleep! 

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