CFA Level 1

For those of you who are wondering what was it that I have been studying…well, it’s a professional paper offered by CFA Institute…one of the ways to prepare oneself in the Financial sector. 

Here’s a summary of it:

Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 is the first of the three exams offered by the CFA Institute. This exam (in addition to other requirements) must be passed for an individual to become a CFA charter holder. 

The CFA program is a globally recognized standard for measuring the competence and integrity of financial analysts. 

Level 1 focuses on tools and concepts that apply to investment valuation and management.


Length of exam:    6 hours

Cost:    About RM4000, inclusive of standard study materials and registration for Level 1.

Number of Questions: 240

Passing Score: Varies Anually

Passing Rates: As of December 2012, 37%

Format: Multiple Choice

Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree or equivalent. An exemption can be made where you can write the level 1 if you 

a) are in the final year of your undergraduate program, 

b) have four years of professional experience, or 

c) have a combination of both, equating to at least four years.

Corequisites: Four years of qualifying work experience must be obtained.

Exam Date(s): June and December

Exam Results: Usually provided within 60 days

Offical Exam Website:

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