How Manchester United fall under Moyes

No one thought it would be easy...but no one expect it to be this hard.

It is surprising to see how Manchester United seem to fall under the leadership of David Moyes, a man, handpicked by former United's manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.


While one can understand if United failed to challenge for the title or the Champions League, but to be at a 7th position, behind Everton, former Moyes' was something that is difficult to believe...difficult to swallow...this is United's worst campaign for as long as we could remember. 

I'm a believer of having a long term manager, with long term project for the club, but to say that there is no disappointment is a lie. With players like Van Persie, Rooney, Kagawa, Mata, Hernandez, De Gea...just how bad could it really be...anyway, no more excuses...just a season that we have to learn from the mistakes...


Besides the victory against Arsenal, Manchester United falled against the big clubs this season, even against Everton. It's a contrast to how United used to perform against the big clubs under Sir Alex Ferguson.


In the past, Manchester United always seem to find a way to claw back into the game, especially during the stoppage time, to a point that it's known as Fergie's timing. But unfortunately, that magic seems to have disappear and the stoppage time has turn against the Devils....there have been occasion where United seem to crack at the last minute of the game.


This is a season full of started with the transfer at the beginning of the season. Then, we have the same comments over and over again, about how there isn't enough players in the squad. This was the same squad that won the Premier League by a big margin last season, with the exception of Fellaini.


There may be many who are quick to point fingers at the veterans who are no longer performing, but I believe it was down to the right training. I guess as players age, it is difficult to expect them to train under the same intensity as those who are in their 20s. I guess the coaching staff need to seek some advice from Fergie's batch of coach. While many criticized Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, I felt that many forgotten these players were the ones that rise to the occasion under Fergie. And Evra and Vidic were the ones that scored the important goals against Bayern Munich. That itself showed you the quality of these players.


This is something that I believe United will need...time...for the team to learn to work together under Moyes. It's a different coach, with a different vision, different ideas of how things are going to work.

Well, time is needed for Moyes to rebuild the team. From the looks of it, he has the time given...thanks to the influence and belief that Sir Alex Ferguson had on him. 

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