"It's time to play like Manchester United again"

"It's time to play like Manchester United again", says interim manager, Ryan Giggs.

Giggs, the most decorated player in United's history

During his first team talk with the players, he declared that "we will go back to playing like Manchester United". While Giggs has been informed that he will not be considered for a permanent role at the moment, many view Giggs as the right person to revive Manchester United's team and restore the club's bond with loyal fans. 

As Woodward watches on, the first part of the United revival should start on the pitch under Giggs. The United legend famed for “tearing you apart since 1991” in the banner that greets opponents at Old Trafford now has games against Norwich, Sunderland, Hull City and Southampton to put his own team back together. Giggs has to send a message to the players, the supporters, the media and the watching world that United are heavyweights who will always bounce back from setbacks.

Giggs has rescued United on many occasions before, on famous nights such as Villa Park in 1999 when his weaving run in the FA Cup semi-final accelerated the drive towards the Treble. United need some of that pace and panache, some of that intense commitment. 

Now, Giggs also has Paul Scholes in the United's coaching staff....will the Class of 92 save United again?

Giggs and Scholes, both United legend are back to help the club

There is also another positive, from United current player, Rio Ferdinand...the defender never shy away from Twitter....and it seems to suggest some positive mood at United's camp.

FERDINAND: Roll on match day...been an eventful week to say the least...looking for a good performance & result.
And here is the latest from Giggs on the press conference:

“Old Trafford will be rocking,” he says, before stating his desire to win all four games before the end of the season.

"It's important you have European football at Old Trafford," he adds.

Indeed, Old Trafford will be rocking, because it just seem to bring us back to when Giggs started for United...Giggs has always been a United man...while he may not be the permanent boss at the moment, many looked at him as the man for United in the future...this is a glimpse of what we could see of him in the future....

Honestly, it just got me excited about football again...

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