Boring GERMANS and Brazil's Neymar injured

If this isn't one of the worst World Cup ever, I wouldn't know what is. For the last few tournaments, Germany has often been praised as one of the teams that play football. Attacking and with great football performance on the pitch but when the Germans take on France, it was boring. 

Joachim Low makes German football boring

I couldn't understand how France could miss this. One of the reasons was probably because Benzema chose not to play football that day. It was obvious. He was not there throughout the game except for a last minute shot, that was not good enough to beat Germans' Neuer. Maybe that's why Mourinho described Benzema as lazy. Hummels scored early on for Germany and it seemed that they settled for that. I wonder how Low turn Germany into such a boring team but this is one of the most boring game between two great footballing countries. Total embarrassment. 

Benzema failed to shine....he was lazy, and I think Mourinho was right

And the big news: the World Cup's poster boy is out injured...Neymar is injured and the news from Brazil's medical team is that Neymar had a fractured vertebrae. Well, it's not difficult for that to happen especially when FIFA's referee was so terrible. This World Cup in Brazil is so physical. At times, it felt like the players are there to hurt one another. The ref was obviously too lenient and this is not the first time. It makes perfect sense why teams that love to play passing like Spain is out from the World Cup. We all hate players that fall too easily but a game that is too physical interrupted football and caused unnecessary injuries. Obviously, the players took advantage of that.

What a foul!

Down and out for Neymar

Brazil's poster boy

Honestly, the news of injury for Neymar is not only a concern for Brazil. Barcelona definitely took notice of that. Any players with this kind of injury normally recovered but see their performance drop.

It's definitely a big blow to one of football's rare talent. Honestly, this is a sad day to football. Germany's ugly football tactic...I can't believe Low did that. There were so many players with so much skills, talents and speed...what a waste! Then, the amount of fouls in the Brazil is just too physical. FIFA should take note of this by now....

Said Goodbye to one of the hottest fan in this World Cup

On a lighter note, one of the hottest fan in the World Cup 2014 will no longer be there...what a waste!!

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