Europe vs South America in Semi-Final

The European countries will take on the South American in the 2014 World Cup Semi-Finals. It will be interesting to watch as host, Brazil takes on Germany while Messi's Argentina vs Total Football, Netherlands.


Without Neymar, Brazil look to HULK

Brazil without key player, Neymar

Brazil, without Neymar would have been a far weaker team but Big Phil might just have what it takes to neutralize the Germans. Germany had not been really impressive this World Cup and their game against France was an embarrassment. I cannot believe Low would do that to an attacking team. The players that they have are more suited for attacking and yet Low chose to be so passive. 

Germans in training

While Germany might be the favourites to win this, I'm going for Brazil. Neymar has been the player for Brazil so far and there's no denying his impact for the host but with him out of the picture, Brazil had far less pressure to perform. Players like Hulk and Oscar have better platform to perform and I honestly think Hulk had the potential to destroy Germany. I'm going with the South American's side.


Without Neymar, without the pressures, Brazil as an underdog would be a far more dangerous against Germany. Final score prediction: 2-1


In my previous prediction, I was thinking that Costa Rica might caused an upset against Van Gaal's side and they nearly did, but Louis Van Gaal is simply a win a penalty and a last minute substitution for a goalkeeper to come on, that's a big gamble. Simply a great decision by Van Gaal.

Against Argentina, I think Van Gaal's side might be able to go through.

Van Gaal giving his instruction in training

With Angel Di Maria going to miss this game, I think Argentina will be in serious problem. Messi is a great player but when he is alone, it will always be difficult for him to perform....all the more when Netherlands had a manager like Van Gaal.

Without Di Maria's support, Messi has to step up his game

I think it will be a crucial game for Netherlands. With players like Robben, Sneijer and Van Persie at the age of about 30, this will likely be their last World Cup and I'm sensing that this team are out there to win it. Any teams that can beat Costa Rica in this World Cup will always have a great determination. I have watched a lot of the games and Costa Ricans are one of the most hardworking team in this World Cup yet Netherlands beat them on penalty, with a right choice on the goalkeeper as well.

Last World Cup most likely and they are in for it for real
Messi can prove himself to be the best if he win this one, but I'm sensing that the chances are that the Netherlands would go through. Final prediction: 3-2 for Netherlands

Can Messi save Argentina? I doubt so...

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