Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid

Well, I wasn't sure what to do over the weekend since Yenleng and her family are around. YenLeng suggested going to i-City but since it's more on taking photos and viewing the lights and honestly, i-City is an overpriced entertainment with nothing much to do, I suggested ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid instead.

I think it was better since the parents could walked around the mall. And we also get to watch movie after that. (but that's for another post though).

So, we went to Sunway Pyramid and even had our dinner there.

The price was quite reasonable I felt. The entrance for each persons is RM23. Since we don't have the glove, it cost us an additional of RM9. So total about RM32 each person. We also have to pay RM5 for the newer skate. Anyway, I think it's way better than going for a walk around i-City. 

It was pretty fun especially since I have not been skating for a long time. The last round I did was with my university's coursemates.

The entrance

We didn't manage to take a lot of photos since it was not allowed in the ice ring but I think that helped us to focus on having fun. Yen Leng and the brothers focused on learning to skate while I was trying to learn to skate backwards. There was this guy, who looked really professional at skating and I asked him how to do it. He showed me and even given me a piece of advice..."You can't learn ice-skating immediately. You need to first grasp how to move it. (in my case here, to move backwards). You cannot be afraid of falling. Once you realized that you are not gonna fall with the right movement, then you're not gonna be afraid and it will be easy".

Honestly, I find it easy in theory but difficult in practical. I had fun. It was a great learning process and I am determined to do it again. Yen Leng on the other hand was only there for a while....what a waste of money. Anyway at least we had fun.

On the way to exit, they showed us the photo that they (Sunway Pyramid's staff) took for us. We bought a package (expensive one I felt)...RM55 for 4 small photos and one big one. I didn't manage to take the photo of the big one as Yen Leng's brothers took it back to Ipoh. Anyway, two of the smaller photos are put inside a keychain.

Group photo
So, who's keen to go for ice-skating? I'm up for it again...

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