World Cup 2014 Quarter Final Preview

In my previous post, I talked about how this World Cup has been disappointing thus far, but let us hope that the Quarter Final will be a better one to watch.

Now, only 8 teams will stand a chance to lift the World Cup.

Only 8 teams stand a chance to life the 2014 World Cup

Here is a short preview on the upcoming games...


Germany vs France

This is probably the big one that we are looking at. Both of these countries are favourite to win the World Cup, especially Germany, after an impressive performance during the last few World Cups. Of course, they have not won since 1990 and they will be looking to win their 4th one here in Brazil. However, Germany has not been too convincing during this tournament despite kicking off with a big 4-0 win against Portugal.
France was much better than expected. This time, we can see how they are working together. Defensively, they are not as strong as the team that won the World Cup in 1998 but when Benzema is on form, he's a difficult lad to stop.

Tensions will be running high with both European giants take on one another. I think it will be a close game, but I expect Germany to beat France with 3-2 the final score.


Brazil vs Colombia

Colombia has been very good in this tournament although it was probably due to the easier Group they are in. But against Uruguay, they won 2-0. Brazil will still be the favourite to win this despite an unconvincing win against Chile. Scolari had always mentioned that Chile would be one the difficult team to play against so perhaps he just got rid of the team he hated the most. I still think Brazil will win this despite what many had said....James Rodriguez had been very good in the tournament but in Brazil, it will always going to take more than just his brilliance. 

Final score will probably be a 2-1 win for Brazil.


Argentina vs Belgium

With Messi on form, Argentina is always going to win but Belgium must have taken note of how the Swiss kept Messi quiet for the game until the one that produced the winning goal for Argentina. Belgium wasn't that good either in the tournament despite winning all 4 games. It looked more like it happened because they played against weaker opponents. Don't mistaken what I mean when I said Belgium wasn't good. They have plenty of great players like Hazard, Fellaini etc...but they are not playing as a team. So far, they have won because of individual brilliance at a particular time.

I don't think there will be any upset on this. Argentina should win this, maybe by a goal margin again given their current performance in this World Cup....probably 2-1 for Argentina....another last gasp goal perhaps with Messi making another run? 


Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Two of the most convincing teams in the World Cup at the moment in my point of view. Both teams have great players, great tactics....but I'm going to take Costa Rica here. Well, I certainly hope Netherlands could win this but we are in Brazil, and I doubt the players for Netherlands could continued the tournament with that sort of energy we have seen so far. Maybe Robben could, but I doubt the rest. It will take something really special for upcoming Manchester United's manager, Van Gaal for Netherlands to beat Costa Rica. 

Before the World Cup, Costa Rica was always the team to go out, but they have beaten Italy and Uruguay, in a convincing manner as well. 

I believe Costa Rica could stunt favourite Netherlands to win by 2-1 here.

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