World Vision: Sponsor a Child

A lot of times in life we talk about how difficult life is, not knowing how blessed we really are in many ways. 

The other day when I back home, my mom showed me the annual progress report sent to me by World Vision on the child that I had sponsor since I started working.

Well, his name is Sakir Salim and he's from India. According to the report sent to me, he love cricket and listen to music during his free time. He wanted to be a teacher. He's studying in primary 3. I wish I could share more but there's really all that I know. I hope that by contributing the little that I could, at least someone could have a hope.

A friend of mine, Pei Qin once shared a profile photo to answer a question: "What is the most important thing you'll bring if you are forced out of your country, knowing you will never be able to return?"

Her reply: MY FAITH IN HOPE.

I hope that somehow in little ways, those contributions could help others to have faith in hope, in life, knowing that there are better future and that God sees them too. I'll probably not know the child I sponsor in real person but in little ways, hopefully, this connection can help others to move forward as well, that they too will have hope.

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  1. Very good act to sponsor a child for education.


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