Perhaps it's Farewell to Nani

For all the criticism on Nani, he has been one of those with so much promise for Manchester United....

Nani with the trophy

While there are many who would criticize the player, he was one that come to United and won 4 Premier League title, a Football League Cup win and one of those who delivery a ruthless penalty against Chelsea in 2007-08 Champions League final. So, perhaps the criticisms are a bit harsh on a player with so much trophies that players such as Gerard could only look in awe. Nani was also one of those voted for the PFA Premier League Team of the year in 2010-11, the season in which Nani also won the club's Players' Player of the Year...but for a player with a talent such as his, his performance will also be rated as something as below par.

It's harsh but it's also a reflection of how good Nani could actually be....this was a man who laugh and tormented Arsenal when he waltzed through them and juggled the ball over tackles in the FA Cup in a 4-0 FA Cup win in 2008. 

Nani against Arsenal

But despite of his talent, the problems lie in the comparison that so often made with Cristiano Ronaldo. Yet Nani was not like Ronaldo and is not Ronaldo....for all his talent, he fall short mentally. In Ronaldo, Manchester United can trust the player to deliver when it matters most...but with Nani, the same cannot be said. 

Despite of all that, Ferguson was ready to accept him....probably because of the rare genius in him...but the tragedy that took United's hope of winning the Champions League in Fergie's last season also spelled the end of his career with United. It was probably unfair because he was performing in that game until the red card that should not be. He was back to his old self and one of his best performance in the big game, but the red card killed it off. It was unfair...a tragedy but it happened and Nani never recovered.

Nevertheless, it was perhaps fitting that Nani return to Lisbon, the place where he emerged as one of the best talent. While he's only going on loan, many suspect he played the last game at Manchester.

I wish the player all the best in his return to his hometown, hoping that he rediscovered his form and be more serious in the game and training. Having said that, being carefree was perhaps one of Nani's charm. In him, there is always surprises, whether it be a positive or a negative ones. 

Perhaps, it's a farewell...but despite of the lack of convincing display recently, we'll always remember your contribution as a United's player, how you enlighten us with your talent. 

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