Great Eastern's Prom Night 2014

It was the Great Eastern's Annual Dinner and Dance 2014 yesterday. 

I went there at 6.30pm, just right on the dot for the registration of the lucky draw winners. (phew...what a rush)

Anyway, the event kick off with a Michael Jackson's impersonator entertaining the crowd with some very good dance moves. Initially, it was quite a good performance but after a while, it felt more like we're attending a mini Michael Jackson's concert....anyway it was a great effort to make a grand opening. I think it was one of those openings that capture my attention...

The three MCs, Vivienne, Intan and Prusho were great.

Well, from the dinner's speech from the company's CEO, I can conclude that Great Eastern is still currently the number 1 in the insurance industry. 

Anyway, the food was acceptable...nothing really fancy.

The other performances were great...we have PCK in town, a fake Mr Bean and a lot of great lucky draw prizes...

Didn't manage to win anything on the night though but hopefully can win something in the post event draw.

Here are some of the snapshots taken:

Investment team...

My good friend

Blow a kiss

Lovely girl from Banca

With Alicia and Choon Foong

Choon Foong

With my colleagues in Investment

Julyn and I

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