RELAX & Drink Tea

Have you ever felt tired of work, socializing, meeting people, doing things...and you just wanted that peace of mind, to relax and get away from internet, from RELAX.

If you are in the modern world, it is likely that you don't get away from emails, whatsapp, twitters, news updates etc...and sometimes, all of that just need to stop. At least for a brief moment.

And this is how I think one should do it. RELAX & Drink Tea. 

RELAX & Drink Tea

I am normally a coffee person, but I always find I take coffee in order to focus and concentrate on work, but when I drink tea, I tend to loosen up, rest and let my mind hibernate. 

Anyway, I purposely bought the Early Grey Lavender from BIG in Publika. I even bought the Mug & Tea Infuser as well.

The Earl Grey Lavender

Yo-Yo Set: Mug & Tea Infuser

the tea sachets

The tea was very nice and the aroma of it was simply amazing. The scent of lavender was something that I appreciate. It's authentic and has the sweet floral fragrance of the lavender. With the beautiful scent of lavender, it helps to bring out the taste of tea. I felt that tea base could be a little strong for people like my girlfriend but I totally enjoyed it.

The quality of the muslin sachet is also top notch. There isn't any tea leaf that managed to pass through it. Something that I appreciate it a lot as it gives a smooth sensation when one drink the tea. 

Overall, a great tea for relaxation.

#RELAX & Drink Tea

#RELAX & Drink Tea!

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