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Well, I normally prefer to watch movie in GSC but now that I'm staying nearby KLCC, most of the time, it's easier to go for movie at KLCC.

Anyway, if you notice, there is this TGV Movie Club that has been started and I find it to be worth the money. It cost RM28 to sign up but the benefits of joining the TGV Movie Club is worth it.



  • Upon joining the TGV Movie Club, you will be able to redeem TWO free movie tickets plus ONE Regular Popcorn set.


And on your birthday, you can redeem TWO free movie tickets plus ONE Regular Popcorn set. 

  • Bonus points known as MOVIEMONEY
Well, all purchases made online and in TGVCinema will be entitled with MovieMoney. For every purchases you made, you will be rewarded 10% of your total purchase as MovieMoney.

For every RM10 that you spend, you will be rewarded 1 MovieMoney.
For every RM30.50 that you spend, you will be rewarded 3.05 MovieMoney.

The MovieMoney will expired when your membership expired. The membership signed up for will last for 12 months. 

The MovieMoney can only be redeemed once it's able to cover the full amount of the purchase.

There are other rewards such as these but I find that to be quite may look at it more from TGV Websites on these exclusive benefits.


Now, I think this is important. After all, you wouldn't want to be keep paying to renew the membership.

Well, TGV seems to understand that so if you spend above RM200 within the membership period, then your membership card will be auto-renewed. 

Here's a simple maths. Assuming that each movie costs RM10 for a ticket, two persons will be RM20. So, you just need to watch 10 movies in a year to ensure you hit that target. It means even lesser than 1 movie for a month to hit that RM200 mark. If you occasionally go for movies with your family as well, the target RM200 is simply too easy to reach.

Overall, I think this is a good way to reward movie goers. Have you sign up for this? 

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