Attempt to RETHINK Fitness

There have been a lot of annual runs being organized by big corporations and companies in the name of promoting fitness and good health. 

I used to love running because I believe it's the best activity done to promote good health without using much money and it can be done without the involvement of others. I can always put on my running shoe and go for a run on my own, even if I'm on my own. That's actually the reason why I love Nike shoe. In fact one of my favorite is the first NIKE Free Run that I got for myself many years ago.

Anyway, I considered myself an enthusiast in running, have been doing so since my teenage years but recently, I'm taking a different view at running as a sports after reading how running too much is bad for health. (I'm not against running but don't think I'm in for running events for now)

I'm thinking a different approach at fitness as I grow older. Recently I've been using Fitbit Flex. It helps me to monitor my daily activities, track my movement and even my sleep.

Fitbit Flex

Here is some sample data that one can look at:

Some data on daily activities

It is one of my attempt to RETHINK fitness. Instead of following the NIKE Tagline JUST DO IT, I wanna understand how my runs are affecting me. I still want to compete in some running event soon but I think for now, I want to allow FITNESS to be part of my life, not just during the running event or when I time my run. 

It has to be part of me at work, while I'm at home and chilling on my couch or when I decide to go for a drink at night. 

While I feel that Fitbit Flex is not doing enough to prompt one to go for extra activities, the tracker does a great job to help one monitor one's lifestyle. It's easy to notice if there's a need to make changes. 

I also feel that FITNESS includes the food that we take as well as the quality of sleep that we have. 

So, while my friends enjoy their run on some of the weekends, I make sure I go for long walks and have moderate activities in my life to keep my fitness up. It's a different approach and while I still go for gym and running, that's no longer the objective. 

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