DIY 1: Bottle Light Christmas Deco

I was looking at my house and realized that there are a lot of things that I should learn to make on my own. 

I've been reading a lot about DIY's projects...and a lot of people out there are very creative. I'm still not at the level to start sawing some woods to make some nice furnitures at the moment. 

But here is one simple stuff that I thought of after watching a video.

I did this using the Ribena bottle that YenLeng had finished drinking.

Make use of empty bottle

1) Clean up the bottle that you intend to use. (for this project, I use the plastic bottle because I was quite careless...just to avoid breaking the glass bottle but a glass bottle will give a much better effect.)

2) Remove all the stickers on the bottle. 

This is what I got!

Stickers removed from the bottle
3) Buy the Christmas lighting. This cost me RM5.50 and I bought it from Mr DIY at eCurve. A lot of things are quite cheap over there. 

4) Poke a hole on the bottle cap so that the light can pass through it.

5) You may need to use a chopstick in order to push the lighting inside the bottle and arrange it a bit so that it looks nicer in the mess.

And the outcome was quite beautiful. Something simple as a decoration for my KL unit since I definitely ain't getting a Christmas tree here.

A simple bottle light Christmas deco
As an alternative, you may want to add some decoration by sticking some colored papers or ribbon on the bottle. I will probably do that later when I got some time to buy these items.

It's a simple DIY and I'm learning on how to getting cheaper lights as well. Been reading on how to get the bulb and set it up on my own. It looks easy but that will have to come next. Hope you love it! As for me, I'm pretty satisfied with my effort. 

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