Evaluate my New Year Resolution: Workout

Evaluate my New Year Resolution: Workout.

It is always easy to get a notebook and write about your New Year Resolution when the year end approached....and now, December had came and gone....with January coming to an end with another week to go. 

I'm not sure how others have maintain their New Year resolution but I am keeping mine for sure and here's a look at it at the moment.

I knew that maintaining a consistent workout routine is important but I also know I need to be realistic with my targets and routines. I started the year with once a week and moving into twice a week and so far it has been great.

I have increased my 10 minutes running speed to 2km for 10 minutes and I continued my run for another 2 to 5 minutes. 

My latest 2 attempts:

12 minutes: 2.33km

15 minutes: 2.91km
I am also aware of the need to increase the intensity on my workout. I have been increasing the repetitions of 10 for every sets to 12 and 15. 

I also maintain the 3 sets as a minimum for each part of the body and I'm starting on plank as well. 

It's definitely not so easy to build body without taking the protein supplement.

Here was the outcome:

the shape is there but definitely need to bulk up

In order to boost my workout effort, I also spent some money on some proper workout outfit at Nike store. Spent about RM264 on the Nike fit shirt and Nike Pro combat pants with the head band and wrist band. 

Love my workout outfit
I also make sure that I prioritize on the stretching parts in my work out as I believe it helps to keep me going for longer. Since I learned about stretching and the importance of it, I make sure that it remains an integral part of my workout. For my short rest period before the next set, I always make sure that I do stretching for my legs and upper part as well.

Stretching is an integral part of my workout

I have been lifting 15kg weights. I planned to keep with it for another 2 to 3 weeks before going for 25kg. 

15kg dumbbell

25kg dumbbell
I actually tried with the 25kg but felt it's stretching my limit a bit too far so decided to maintain with 15kg for now. 

It's not a very heavy workout but it's definitely a good plan to start and easy to maintain. By adapting to the time required for workout, I can adjust my schedule to add another slot in my week. I'm going for 2 for now, but hopefully I'll be going for 3 a week soon.

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